July 4, 2016

Mission #86, Day 1--Shorts for Work

Happy Fourth of July friends!  We are BLASTING through this Mission Week with a very interesting challenge--how to wear shorts to work.  Obviously, this is for those offices that will allow you to wear shorts and I am well aware that there are offices that will not allow shorts.  


For those of us that are lucky enough to have a more lenient dress code, this week we are going to showcase the correct way to wear shorts to work that will not get you pulled into an HR office.  The key to this look is that the shorts are long--knee length--and structured.  I added loafers for the shoe to mimic the professional, structured vibe, and, of course, a blazer.  

For Fourth of July effect, I started this Mission Week with red/white/blue! . . . Or rust/pearl/seafoam.  Same diff.

Cape Blazer-Amazon
Platform Loafers-ANA, thrifted
Clutch-Nine West, thrifted

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