May 20, 2016

Dear Frannie Friday--Recent Obsessions

You know those Friday Faves or Friday Five or other Friday sponsor-y posts that the bloggiest of bloggers do every week?  Well here is my completely random list of shows and apps that I have become obsessed with as of late:

Grace and Frankie

Ok, this is not the best clip but trust me--if you have not heard of this show or watched it, you are missing out.  It is absolutely hilarious and Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are an incredible pair.  The storyline is that they were frenemies who were married to partners in a law firm.  Well, their husbands ended up falling in love with each other, which obviously adds to the dynamic of the story.  Bottom line--watch it.  I finished season one on a binge last year and the second season just came out.  You will not regret it.


Nothing gives more flair than a gif, AMIRIGHT???  Well that is what Popkey is.  It is a free keyboard app on your phone that allows you to add gifs into your texts (much like emojis).  I promise your text game will never be the same. 

ASAP Science

Patrick is a YouTube guy.  He really loves it.  Usually I just allow it to be background noise while I am doing something (like right now when he is watching dog training videos . . .), but every once in a while he chooses a show that I really get into.  Enter ASAP Science.  These guys--OMG.  They crack me up.  And if you are getting a little withdrawal from running out of videos, like I did, you can watch them be adorable on Instagram as well.

Raw.  Vegan.  Not Gross.

Speaking of YouTube, I actually discovered Laura's amazing recipe videos via Amazon on the Tastemaker channel.  Not only do her recipes look legit good, but she just came out with a cookbook like Tuesday!  Added bonus, she is nauseatingly adorable.  I literally can't even with her.

The Real O'Neals

Yet another show.  You guys, I have become a legit show watcher.  This is coming from someone who has had cable tv for exactly 9 months during the last 15 years or so (and that was only during a special Comcast was giving out 9 years ago).  But this is a show that Patirck and I stumbled on (thanks Hulu) and seriously--it is so freaking hilarious I can't stand it.  I am reminded of my best friend Matty every single time I watch it.


Last but certainly not least--Beyonce's Lemonade album.  So unless you, like, just got the internet (welcome to our fascinating world!), you know that a few weeks ago Beyonce dropped her new album, Lemonade.  And to introduce said album she made a video which was featured on HBO.  Now I should preface this by saying that I am not typically a real Beyonce fan.  I mean, she's aight, but I find her to be a bit over-dramatized.  Like, I never idolized her.  That was, until this album.  Oh.  Muh.  Gootness.  If you haven't seen the video, do it.  I die. 

Mullet Skirt-Rue 21
Tank-Old Navy
Necklace-Charming Charlie's
Elephant Cuff-vintage

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